• Divorce & Custody
    With divorce, mediation can address both your custody issues and property settlement. The goal is an agreement that respects the needs of both parties as well as the needs of any children involved. Mediators suggest options based on their experience with a wide range of cases.
  • Elder Care Mediation
    More often than not, making decisions about how to care for an aging parent can be the first time in decades that many siblings have had to collaborate about anything more significant than a joint holiday gift.Some elder care mediations result in formal contracts, but most wrap-up with a concrete, written plan that describes or defines how family members will share responsibilities, financial needs and decision-making.
  • Agency & Business
    The mediator's role is that of a neutral third party, a facilitator who provides structure, ground rules, and guidance. The goal is an agreement that respects the needs of both parties, while taking into account the needs of the agency or business (which may be different than those of either party.) Mediation is NOT arbitration, and is not binding, but a mutual resolution of conflicts or differences.
  • Adoption & Evaluations
    We provide adoption home studies to help potential parents discuss the very real issues that they will face in raising an adopted child, the impact on their own relationship, how to establish a support network. We also provide parenting evaluations to make recommendations to the court as to a schedule of care and other facets of a parenting plan.
  • Meet the Mediators
    We believe in the benefits of helping individuals and families resolve their differences, make decisions about the best interests of their children, and reach equitable compromises. We have worked together as co-mediators for several years, respect each other's expertise and skills, and enjoy collaborating on cases.

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