A collaborative style of mediation that gets results.

Mediation is a process of compromise and negotiation that can turn us away from what we want and focus on the bottom-line of what we need. More importantly, when it comes to our kids, from our wants to their core needs.

  • "Without Susan's intervention, we certainly would have ended up in court."; "Mediation saved us money and time in the long run."; "I didn't think it was possible to reach agreement, but with their help, we did!"; "At first I was nervous, but the relaxed environment and manner put me at ease.";

  • Famous rockers Mick Jagger and Keith Richards changed music history with the following lyrics:

    "You can't always get what you want;
    You can't always get what you want;
    But, if you try sometimes,
    You just might find,
    You get what you need."

    Our Committment to You

    Most clients seeking domestic mediation services are dealing with divorce or post-divorce co-parenting issues. We are committed to helping families manage their divorces with respect and integrity, developing parenting plans that reflect the unique needs of your children and extended families.

  • Why use or choose mediation?

    As therapists and mediators who have worked with hundreds of families over many years, we believe that there are benefits to the mediation process. First, it is less costly both financially and emotionally. Parties participate in resolving their own problems. Mediation is flexible enough to cope with the unique needs of each family, rather than a computer generated one-size-fits-all parenting plan. Mediation promotes problem-solving skills and autonomy, and respects privacy. When custody issues are involved, mediation is a process that teaches practical communication and cooperation skills that can then allow parents to function with less discord while focusing on the needs of their children. With a unique parenting plan that respects the needs of your children and their parents, as well as the traditions of extended families, future disputes are less likely.

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